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We understand the importance of having an exceptional player experience. Momento helps you eliminate outages and improve performance while helping you reduce costs with a pay-as-you-go model.

Use Cases

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Ditch the complex logic and have your scores tracked automatically with sorted sets.
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Session Stores

Track user settings for a single gaming session that expire automatically.
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In-Game Chat

Record messages in real-time and discard them after the game.
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Rate Limiting

Built-in player throttling for hackers and spammers.
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Manage item drops and grabs like a pro.
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Push Notifications

Send events to players the instant they happen.

Momento Solutions for Game Development

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Momento Cache
Momento Cache is the perfect solution for both serverless and serverful game development environments, making it an all-in-one caching solution for game developers. With its serverless architecture, Momento Cache can automatically adapt to handle any spikes in traffic and hot keys, keeping your cache hit rates and latencies at their peak performance levels.

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Momento Topics
Real-time communication is key to creating multiplayer experiences that keep players engaged. With Momento Topics, you can publish and consume values to and from topics, enabling fast communication that keeps your game running smoothly.

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Learn how Momento helped ZigZaGame achieve these amazing results for their serverless in-game chat:

  • Zero overprovisioned Amazon ElastiCache Redis Clusters
  • Over 30% reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Migrated to a fully serverless architecture in just 3 weeks
Architecture with Momento Cache

Key Benefits

  • High scale, performance, and availability

    A Momento cache is ready instantly via a single API call, is optimized for tail latencies, has multi-zonal redundancy, and handles millions of requests per second (RPS) without any tuning.
  • Automatic management

    No more tedious manual operations. Momento Serverless Cache features an intelligent proxy that handles automatic scaling, node warming, hot key mitigation, replication, and deployments–all without any maintenance windows!
  • Flexible data types

    Collection data types enable an abundance of use cases by providing core data structures that match up with common types of modern programming languages. Supported data types include dictionary, list, set, and sorted set. Read Docs
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Before Momento, surges of sudden connections and Redis cold starts blocked our migration to a serverless architecture. Momento solved this–fast! It worked so well, we're adopting it for future caching projects.
Tom Delorenzie
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