Momento Cache lets you quickly improve your performance, reduce costs, and handle load at any scale.

The first serverless cache

Developers have been stuck using instance-based caching solutions that are painful to manage and scale–meaning they're forced to engage in manual, error-prone processes that work against the speed, elasticity, and availability benefits caching provides. Serverless enables developers to focus on the specific capabilities of a service without getting distracted by managing infrastructure or configurations. Cloud providers have been investing heavily in serverless compute, storage, databases, and almost every other part of the stack–except for caching. Momento Cache is here to change that.
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Pay As You Go

Only pay for what you need. Free for the first 5GB transferred to/from Momento per month. Then pay $0.50 per GB.
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Zero Configuration

Deploy a cache in minutes instead of days to weeks spent configuring, testing, and scaling clusters.
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Boost Performance

Accelerate your database and application performance with the world's fastest cache.
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Eliminate Outages

Say goodbye to cache outages with instant scalability and managed hot keys and cache hit rates.

Momento Cache Use Cases

Cache NoSQL Databases

NoSQL databases are built for massive scale and low latency. Momento Cache is the ideal solution for these databases because it is architected for massive scale and speed.

Momento Cache is a powerful accelerator for popular NoSQL databases including dynamoDB, cassandra, and Google Cloud Bigtable.

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Cache Relational Databases

Momento helps protect traditional relational databases from dynamic load during peak traffic times.

Whether you run legacy commercial databases self managed on IaaS, cloud native managed services like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, or Google Cloud SQL, or even NewSQL services like CockroachDB, TiDB, Planet Scale, CitusDB, or Yugabyte, Momento can help them run faster and with less failures. 

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Cache Web Apps

If you have serverless apps built with AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, or Google Cloud Run Momento Cache is a perfect match to easily and quickly reduce latencies and improve performance of the applications.

Cache was the only missing piece preventing fully serverless application stacks, but now with Momento Cache developers can finally go fully serverless. 

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Fast Object Store

Cloud object storage services like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage are powerful and highly efficient services, but they were not built to be optimized for workloads comprised of a high volume of small files constantly written to and read from the object store.

For these fast object store workloads the put/get costs from the object storage services can become astronomical. Momento Cache is optimized for such fast object store use cases to greatly optimize both performance and cost of these workloads.

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Ephemeral Datastore

Caches are sometimes used as low latency datastores in use cases such as session stores for web or mobile apps, device state in IoT apps, leaderboards in gaming apps, inventory management for e-commerce sites, real-time fraud detection for fintech platforms, and to capture real-time crypto trades.

Momento Cache provides a fast, scalable, and stable cache service for these use cases with the added benefit of also being serverless.

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