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With 5 lines of code, instantly supercharge your databases to make them fast and indestructible.
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How It Works

Momento Serverless Cache automatically optimizes, scales, and manages your cache for you.
Coding languages such as Javascript, HTML5, Python and C#

Choose a Language

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Just 5 Lines of Code

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Pick Your Cloud & Region

Start Caching

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Zero Configuration

Deploy a cache in minutes instead of days to weeks spent configuring, testing, and scaling clusters.
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Boost Performance

Accelerate your database and application performance with the world's fastest cache.
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Eliminate Outages

Say goodbye to cache outages with instant scalability and managed hot keys and cache hit rates.
Go fully serverless with the
fastest cache for

Amazon DynamoDB

AWS Lambda

Amazon Aurora Serverless

Google Cloud Functions

MongoDB Atlas

CockroachDB Serverless

Google Cloud Run

Google Cloud Datastore

Amazon S3

What Fast Means

Momento Serverless Cache Use Cases

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Accelerate Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora Serverless v2, Google CloudSQL, Google Cloud Datastore, PostgreSQL, Mongo, and any other database.
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FasterServerless Apps

Speed up apps built with AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Google Cloud Run with our always warm cache.
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FasterObject Store

Better performance for less cost than AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage.
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FasterMachine Learning

Accelerate your ML training, ML modeling, online feature store, and ML workflows.

Secure by Default

Legacy cache services require intricate, error prone security processes that create unseen vulnerabilities. Momento Serverless Cache has built-in security features including:
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Encryption at rest
  • Full audit log support
  • Deep observability integrations
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