Power immersive player experiences at any scale

Momento gives players the responsive real-time functionality and lag-free experience that make them love your game—all while expediting delivery and keeping costs under control.

Why Momento

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Embrace Viral Growth

Playerbase growth should cause celebration, not headaches! Momento handles millions of requests per second out of the box with zero tuning, so you can meet demand without the hard work.
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Drive Competition

Stoke the competitive flame with purpose-build leaderboard APIs and real-time notifications that keep your rankings fresh, even with millions of users.
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Focus on Gameplay

Focus on building an amazing game instead of getting distracted by infrastructure. Momento takes care of operational maintenance and infrastructure details so you don't have to.
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Increase Player Engagement

Improve player retention and immersion with real-time chat and seamless state synchronization between clients powered by Momento Topics.

Use Momento to energize real-time player interactions

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Track and rapidly update player rankings automatically with Momento Leaderboards
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Session Stores

Save user settings for a single gaming session that expire automatically
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In-Game Chats

Push messages in real- time and record them in chat history
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Rate Limiting

Built-in player throttling for hackers and spammers
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Inventory Caching

Manage item drops and grabs like a pro. Cache inventories for instant and scalable access
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Real-Time Notifications

Keep players up to date on important changes to game state with event messaging that connects across your full stack.

Learn how Momento helped ZigZaGame achieve these amazing results for their serverless in-game chat:

  • Zero overprovisioned Amazon ElastiCache Redis Clusters
  • Over 30% reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Migrated to a fully serverless architecture in just 3 weeks
Architecture of ZigZaGame using Momento Cache
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Before Momento, surges of sudden connections and Redis cold starts blocked our migration to a serverless architecture. Momento solved this–fast! It worked so well, we're adopting it for future caching projects.
Tom Delorenzi
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Reducing your game latency with Momento's services

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Momento Leaderboards
Handle tens of millions of items and rapid ingestion, querying, and updates with our serverless leaderboard service. Adding competitive functionality to games has never been quicker or easier.
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Momento Topics
Publish and subscribe values to and from topics with our serverless event bus, enabling fast communication to keep your game running smoothly—and your players in sync.
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Momento Cache
Get the perfect all-in-one caching solution for game development. Automatically adapt to handle hot keys and traffic spikes, maintain optimal cache hit rates, and reduce latencies.
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Momento Vector Index service icon
Momento Vector Index
Our serverless vector index allows you to run vector similarity searches in real-time without algorithm complexities or infrastructure setup. Effortlessly power in-game recommender systems and other use cases.
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A serverless leaderboard service that supports tens of millions of items and rapid ingestion/querying/updates. Momento Leaderboards is a first-class, full fledged service that you can quickly and easily add to your next game!
Momento Topics Service Icon
Real-time communication is key to creating multiplayer experiences that keep players engaged. With Momento Topics, you can publish and consume values to and from topics, enabling fast communications that keep your game running smoothly.
Momento Cache Service Icon
The perfect solution for both serverless and serverful game development environment, making it an all-in-one caching solution. Momento Cache can automatically adapt to handle any spikes in traffic and hot keys, keeping your cache hit rates and latencies at their peak performance levels.
Momento Vector Index service icon
Allow your games to run more smoothly and seamlessly with Momento Vector Index. Optimize the structure of your data and enable operations like pathfinding, object culling, and more.

Make cross-platform development effortless

With handcrafted integrations and SDKs that access the same resources no matter if your game is built in Unity, iOS, Android, the web—or all of them—we make it simple to meet player demand for cross-platform flexibility while retaining a high-quality player experience.
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Integrate with Unity Game Engine

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Build native iOS apps

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Build native Android apps

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Connect Momento directly to the browser

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