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August 31, 2023 - 2 Min Read

Redis compatibility clients: Your pathway to Momento

Momento has a growing list of drop-in replacements you can add to your app today.

Daniela Miao
Chris Price



Daniela Miao, CTO and Co-founder at Momento, joins Chris Price, lead of the developer ecosystem team, to discuss the Redis compatibility clients that Momento has introduced. Chris starts by explaining how the Redis compatibility clients are designed to help users transition smoothly from using Redis to Momento, by dropping in a Redis compatible client library in a language of your choice. 

The motivation behind Momento’s compatibility clients is to address the challenges developers face when considering migrating from Redis to Momento. Since many developers have already implemented code using Redis APIs, it can be daunting to rewrite or adapt their code for a new service. Momento’s solution allows developers to continue using their familiar Redis APIs while connecting to Momento’s serverless cache

Chris showcases an example he created to run through the process of transitioning an application’s Redis usage to Momento. He demos an existing a Node.js application that interacts with Redis, and then he guides the viewers through the steps required to switch to Momento using a compatibility client. 

At the end of the conversation, Chris runs through the language support available, including Node.js.NETC#Go, and Python. The Momento team encourages users to provide feedback on which languages are most crucial to their development needs, so we can prioritize future compatibility clients. 

If you have more questions regarding Momento’s Redis compatibility clients, reach out today! We’d love to hear about your use cases. If you’re ready to try Momento out, you can get started for free in just a few minutes by visiting the Momento console!