"Once we had the new Momento provider, we were able to quickly swap Momento across multiple workflows and assess the performance and scale impact. Momento outperformed ElastiCache on our workflows by 15% on latencies and is able to automatically handle approximately 12X our current peak loads, without wasteful overprovisioned infrastructure or distracting scaling efforts from our engineers."

Edwin Rivera

Principal Architect, CBS Interactive
“We have implemented Momento Serverless Cache to store a large volume of small objects. Momento was fast and easy to deploy, boosted the performance of our workload, and increased our developer productivity by eliminating operational tasks. Next up we are implementing Momento to accelerate our ML workflows.”


CTO / Wyze Labs
"The Momento team loves how infrastructure options have progressed over the past decade, and they want your cache infrastructure to catch up. They've built a cache that's specifically designed for the unique properties of the cloud rather than for instance-based, self-hosted infrastructure. The result is a dynamic cache with no pre-provisioning of instances, pay-per-use pricing, and unparalleled performance."

Alex DeBrie

DynamoDB Expert & AWS Data Hero
"I am setting up my new service to be entirely serverless, and quickly found several places that I was wishing for a simple caching layer. Momento was easy to try with their javascript SDK, and just started working. I had lightning fast caching on all of my data intensive endpoints in literally 5 minutes. I reduced my dependent function calls by 3x, and sped up the average response time of the endpoints by 10x."

Cris Noble

Co-Founder & Developer / Noble Intent Studio
"Momento aims to cut the need to manage or scale the cache service, making it easy for you to focus on more important things, like your technical debts! Some folks might even NOT be in the cloud; thus, Momento can be a great alternative, minimizing the need to slam your on-prem databases and preventing your transaction logs from blowing up and saturating your disk space—I know every DBA deals with this far too often."

Rob Koch

Principal Architect & AWS Data Hero
"A serverless application needs a serverless cache, which is where Momento comes in. The remote, centralized, serverless nature of Momento offers an automatic scaling, large item size storage, and low-cost alternative."

Allen Helton

Cloud Architect & AWS Serverless Hero
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