October 19, 2023 - 2 Min Read

Unity chat demo: Quickly build a multiplayer chat with serverless pub/sub

Take advantage of Momento Topics in Unity Game Engine to build multiplayer chat.

Ellery Addington-White


The Unity Game Engine is one of the most popular game engines on the market today. Now, with the latest Momento .NET SDK release v1.23.0, integrating Momento’s pub/sub capabilities within Unity is seamless. This ushers in the power of Momento Topics, a serverless pub/sub service, to a vast community of Unity developers.

Momento Topics, a serverless real-time notification service, is ideal for integrating multiplayer text chat directly into your Unity-powered game. No need to set up or configure any external servers or architecture—Momento handles it all.

Integrate the Momento .NET SDK with Unity Game Engine

Download MomentoSdkUnity-1.23.0.zip and extract it to your Unity’s “Assets” folder (e.g., in a folder “Assets/MomentoSdkUnity”). This package is tailor-made for Unity, addressing HTTP/2 compatibility through gRPC-Web. All essential DLLS are provided.

Now you can experience the Momento .NET SDK within Unity, enhancing your C# game development.

See serverless pub/sub in action with a quick demo

Witness Momento Topics in play! Game clients utilize the pub/sub capabilities to access real-time chat. Messages, including emojis, enrich any in-game chat experience.

In the demo, when a game client receives a message, the Scroll View in the UI Canvas is updated to show the latest message. The game clients also publish messages to a topic, sending the message to everyone active in the game in real time!

Momento Unity Demo

We’re thrilled to offer the Momento .NET SDK for the Unity game engine. Integrate it with your Unity chat project today and discover the seamless multiplayer chat experience. 

Please share your feedback on our Discord – and we’d love to hear any additional features you want to see!