Cache DynamoDB with Momento Cache

Accelerate your database, achieve high-availability, and reduce costs.

Why cache DynamoDB with Momento?

DynamoDB rocks! But at high scale, it gets expensive and sometimes you get throttled. Momento makes DynamoDB faster, more robust, and cost effective. It absorbs hot writes, making throttles on reads a thing of the past. Lower costs, higher utilization, and better availability with just a few lines of code!
icon representing fully serverless
Truly Serverless
With Momento Cache, you don't have to pay for overprovisioned instances, manage nodes within clusters, deal with scaling hassles, or put up with any maintenance windows.
icon of a side cache diagram
(not read/write through)
Momento Cache does not adversely affect the availability of your application by sitting between it and the database.
icon representing reduced costs
Reduce Costs
Avoid the need for a cluster-based cache, which incurs high minimum costs. With Momento Cache, you only pay for the traffic you use.
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Minimum Code Updates
You can use middleware to wrap up your DynamoDB calls and introduce Momento Cache without updating a lot of your code.
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No More Stale Data
You can also use DynamoDB Streams to update your cache any time there is a data change–so the data is always up to date and your cache stays warm.

Simple architecture to cache DynamoDB data

An example architecture showing momento cache caching dynamodb