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What is Momento Cache and how do I get started?
What is Momento Topics and how do I get started?
What type of data can I store in a cache?
Does Momento Cache only work with serverless applications?
What does serverless really mean?
How is Momento priced?
What programming languages do you support?
What cloud providers and regions do you support?
How does Momento Cache differ from other products in the industry?
What if I'm already using Redis?
How does Momento work with DynamoDB?
How is Momento Cache different than DAX?
Once we had the new Momento provider, we were able to quickly swap Momento across multiple workflows and assess the performance and scale impact. Momento outperformed ElastiCache on our workflows by 15% on latencies and is able to automatically handle approximately 12X our current peak loads, without wasteful overprovisioned infrastructure or distracting scaling efforts from our engineers.

Edwin Rivera

Principal Architect, CBS Interactive
We have implemented Momento Serverless Cache to store a large volume of small objects. Momento was fast and easy to deploy, boosted the performance of our workload, and increased our developer productivity by eliminating operational tasks. Next up we are implementing Momento to accelerate our ML workflows.


CTO, Wyze Labs
It was a whirlwind from dev to prod, and Momento blew us away! Faster, scalable, and half the price of our old cache fleet—all integrated in just one week.

Cornelle Janse van Rensburg

Lead Engineer, Saturn
Before Momento, surges of sudden connections and Redis cold starts blocked our migration to a serverless architecture. Momento solved this—fast! It worked so well, we're adopting it for future caching projects.

Tom Delorenzi

CTO, ZigZaGame
Thanks to Momento, we finally have a cache built for the cloud. No more instance-based, self-hosted infrastructure. You get a dynamic cache with pay-per-use pricing, unparalleled performance, and no pre-provisioning of instances.

Alex DeBrie

DynamoDB Expert & AWS Data Hero
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