Improve MongoDB performance with Momento

Boost your database speed and efficiency while saving on costs with a pay-as-you-go model.

Why Momento?

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Accelerate Innovation

Free your developers from cache or pub/sub management tasks for your database. With Momento, you can enable them to focus on more valuable work.
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Momento seamlessly handles increased workloads and growing data volumes, ensuring consistent performance as you application expands.
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Momento's pay-per-use model allows you to build production grade applications for a few dollars-and that's if you don't fit in our generous free tier.

Learn how to reduce your processing by 40% by grabbing your data from Momento Cache

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Momento services that can help improve MongoDB performance

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Momento Cache

Using Momento Cache with MongoDB improves read operation latency for frequently accessed data. It outperforms re-executing complex queries in MongoDB, making data retrieval more efficient. Momento Cache also offers automatic data expiration, allowing you to set a TTL (time-to-live) on cached data. When the data is no longer required, Momento Cache automatically removes it. This feature is useful for temporary or session data that doesn't need to be stored in a persistent database like MongoDB.
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Momento Topics

Momento Topics can provide your MongoDB-powered application a serverless, high-speed, low-drag publish/subscribe mechanism that can be used for messaging between different parts of your applications, chat use cases, and more. This offloads such tasks to a system equipped to handle this specifically and not bother your database. Overall Momento Topics can significantly improve MongoDB performance by optimizing query routing, load balancing, automatic scaling, and more.
How to cache MongoDB with Momento Cache
Learn how quick and easy it is to implement a read-aside cache with Momento Cache and MongoDB in Typescript