Momento Topics is a low-latency event bus built for massive scale with unbeatable connectivity.

WebSockets are hard. Momento Topics is easy.

With Momento Topics, all the hard parts of WebSockets are abstracted away. There is no API structure to build or connections to manage. Just subscribe for messages with a single API call. Connect service to service, service to browser, or even browser to browser.

For an example, check out this fully functional chat application built with Topics in Next.js.
Chat app reference architecutre

Benefits of  Momento's serverless event bus

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Connect Everywhere

Connect browser sessions, backend services, and everything in between with our comprehensive SDKs and HTTP API.
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Scale Elastically

Seamlessly scale from one to millions of subscribers, handling spiky workloads instantly.
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Publish Without Limits

Launch async jobs and workflows with webhooks or create stateful connections with resources like browsers and containers.
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Get Simple Pricing

Pick between usage-based, flat monthly, or custom enterprise pricing options–all with a generous free tier.

Momento Topics Use Cases

Instant Messaging

Instantly send and receive messages, making conversations smooth and natural. Topics handles message delivery with high throughput and low latency, ensuring real-time responsiveness even during high traffic periods.

LLM Response Streaming

Get data to your users as fast as possible by streaming responses from your favorite large language models like OpenAI or Amazon Bedrock.

Stock Price Updates

Offer your users real-time price tracking on stock market websites or financial news apps. Our serverless event messaging service ensures that your users receive accurate and timely updates, so they can make informed investment decisions.

Sports Score and Game Updates

Provide live scores, player statistics, and game highlights instantly to your users. Topics delivers high-speed updates and can handle large audiences, ensuring that your users never miss a moment of the action. Enhance the excitement of live sports with up-to-the-minute information.

Augmented Reality Exploration

Transform urban exploration with Momento Topics in an AR-based mobile app. Track users' real-time locations to unlock location-specific AR content, enhancing their exploration with interactive, context-rich experiences.


Boost your social media platform with instant notifications when users receive new comments, likes, or messages. Keep the community engaged with real-time notifications, and encourage interaction and discussions on your platform. Our serverless event messaging system handles high volumes of notifications with ease, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Presence Indicators

Let your users know when their friends or followers are online and available to chat. Topics can provide accurate, real-time presence information, helping create a more connected and engaging social media environment.

Fleet Tracking

Create real-time location tracking for your fleet management platform. Monitor the locations of your vehicles in real time and optimize routes, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries.

Tracking State Across Load-Balanced Servers

Ensure consistency and reliability in your load-balanced environment. Use our event messaging service to synchronize and state of your application across multiple load-balanced servers. By keeping the state consistent across servers, you can provide a seamless experience to your users, even when they are switched to a different server due to load balancing.

Real-Time Collaborative Document Editing

Create collaborative document editing platforms that offer real-time updates to multiple users. Topics can synchronize document states across different devices, allowing multiple users to edit and view the same document simultaneously.