Momento Case Studies

Learn how customers have onboarded fast and optimized their performance while lowering cost.
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Media & Entertainment
Hokkaido Television Broadcasting unlocks cost savings and performance improvements with Momento Cache
Was able to implement a serverless cache into their existing fully serverless architecture within 3 weeks.
Provided video distribution services without any problems even when access spikes occurred.
By adding Momento Cache, improved average API response times from 2s to 500ms.
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Voxie uses Momento Cache to accelerate Lambda processing and reduce costs for AI-powered SMS
Accelerated Lambda processing time by 100x and reduced operational costs.
Experienced faster iteration due to Momento’s responsiveness with PHP SDK updates and other optimizations.
Deployed Momento Cache for their asynchronous job status workload in less than three weeks.
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Momento enables ZigZaGame to go fully serverless—and save money in the process
Integrated Momento Cache in three weeks, making their stack fully serverless for improved elasticity (API Gateway + AWS Lambda + Momento Cache + Amazon DynamoDB).
Momento Cache reduced the total cost of ownership of their in-game chat service by more than 30%.
Momento Cache enabled them to scale to handle the volume of connections from Lambda functions, which they weren't able to do before.
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Social Media
Momento accelerates hypergrowth for Saturn, the social network on fire!
Integrated Momento Cache in just one week. Now it powers requests between their API layer (Amazon EKS) and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL database.
Faster and more scalable than their old caching fleet—and half the price.
Momento Cache worked out of the box. The simplicity of setup means Saturn can expand caching to drive long-term reduction in database spend.
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IoT Devices
Momento helps Wyze keep smart home devices affordable with object storage savings
Migrated paid user thumbnail workflow to Momento Cache in less than a month.
Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by storing objects in Momento Cache instead of S3.
Improved performance for end users.
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Momento reduces costs and headaches for Web3 startup Goldsky
Goldsky was able to take Momento to production within one week.
Momento Cache enabled them to reduce the number of outgoing RPC requests from their load balancer by more than half—while also improving p50 request latency by 75%.
Since deploying Momento Cache, the Goldsky service is indexing 2–5x faster than competitors.
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Saas ISVs
CYDAS PEOPLE takes Momento Cache to prod for their ChatGPT AI-powered chatbot in just two hours
Added Momento Cache into their dev build in only one hour. Then it was just one more hour to go to prod with the Momento LangChain integration.
Clear documentation and instant availability made onboarding seamless.
CYDAS PEOPLE chose Momento Cache over Redis or Azure because they didn’t want to deal with the pain and cost of instance management.
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Learn how CBS Sports' early investment paid off by enabling rapid modernization of legacy infrastructure with a serverless cache.

  • Momento Cache offered a modern and flexible caching solution after they experienced several outages with their previous caching service.
  • Momento Cache is 15% faster than ElastiCache and costs 52% less.
  • Achieved multi-cloud portability with combination of YugabuteDB and Momento Cache.
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Cyber Agent
Cydas People
NTT Docomo
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It was a whirlwind from dev to prod, and Momento blew us away! Faster, scalable, and half the price of our old cache fleet–all integrated in just one week.
Cornelle Janse van Rensburg
Lead Engineer, Saturn
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Momento was quick to swap in across multiple workflows. It's outperforming ElastiCache by 15% at half the price and 10x easier to scale!
Edwin Rivera
Principal Architect, CBS Interactive
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The constructive engagement with Momento and their swift product enhancements have consistently exceeded our expectations, thus allowing us to quickly construct and test improvements to our own product.
John Laswell
Engineering Director, Voxie
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Before Momento, surges of sudden connections and Redis cold starts blocked our migration to a serverless architecture. Momento solved this–fast! It worked so well, we're adopting it for future caching projects.
Tom Delorenzi
CTO, ZigZaGame
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Momento was fast and easy to deploy, boosted the performance of our workload, and increased our developer productivity by eliminating operational tasks.
CTO, Wyze Labs