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June 2, 2023 - 3 Min Read

Momento helps Wyze keep smart home devices affordable with object storage savings

Friends don't let friends overpay for smart home devices—or their cloud bill.

Chuanzhu Xu
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Industry: Internet of Things (IoT)

Use Case: Object Storage, Machine Learning (ML) Workflows

At Wyze, our mission is to make the smart home actually affordable, and we’re doing it by being friends with our users. We started in 2017 with just one product—a radically low-cost security camera—and have grown to provide everything needed to automate the home: smart bulbs, electrical outlet plugs, door locks, scales, and more.

Processing billions of videos each week

With over 10 million devices in service, we have to reliably receive, analyze and present billions of videos for customer viewing—every single week. At this scale, it’s challenging to meet customer expectations for a rich feature set at reasonable cost while ensuring high availability. On top of that, we can’t compromise on the continuous innovation necessary to make too-good-to-be-true smart home devices. Cost optimization and operational improvement are important goals, of course—but we can build greater impact from that foundation by accelerating our roadmap. We aim to get the features that our customers want into their hands ahead of schedule.

Enter Momento

When Momento first reached out to us, our immediate reaction was that a cache might make our architecture more expensive. We also worried about the effort required to migrate part of our event thumbnail cloud storage flow from Amazon S3 to Momento Cache and the potential operational risk. To our surprise, not only is Momento actively saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year—but native metrics in Momento and the team’s operational expertise have meaningfully improved our own operational culture. Best of all, integration for Momento happened within weeks; we were able to migrate our Cam Plus user thumbnail workflow to Momento in less than a month.

Staying true to our mission

Cost optimizations are risky. Not only do you have to experiment with ideas that may or may not yield savings, there is a good chance of impacting availability or durability of data—in this case, the thumbnail images from our smart cameras. These risks, coupled with our unrelenting focus on delivering smart home innovations for our customers and revolutionizing the IoT industry, made it difficult for us to prioritize this work.

Momento made it possible. It was easy for us to onboard our workflow and unlock improved performance for our end users while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year—in just a few weeks. Most importantly, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Momento team. They clearly really care about us and about the Wyze users we work so hard to be friends with. We feel kinship with the Momento team because they clearly strive to be friends with their users, too.

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IoT DevicesAWSMomento Cache