Our Mission

We remove the need to manage caches by providing a service that works at any scale. Concentrate on doing what you love: developing better products and services, faster.

The Future of Fast

Momento has a holistic view of fast, from getting started to delivering results. Time to market with a quality product matters more than anything else. We work hard to build a lovable developer experience that gets you going fast and scales to meet your spikes without distracting you. This leads to faster iteration, happier customers, and a more sustainable engineering culture without the tech debt.

Our Vision

We enable developers to write reliable and powerful apps faster than ever thought possible.

Our Values

At Momento, we strive to act consistently according to our company values, which will evolve over time:


  • Make big bets, be willing to fail, learn, repeat.
  • Cultivate trust. Give direct feedback. Listen to feedback intently.
  • Be vocally self-critical. Disconfirm beliefs. Be inclusive.

Customer Focus

  • Work backwards from customers.
  • Go the extra mile. Innovate relentlessly.


  • Prioritize physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Deliver at pace, with quality.
  • Make decisions fast - while giving everyone a voice.