Develop serverless applications with Momento

Speed up performance, scale down infrastructure agony, and reduce costs.

Improve your serverless application development
with Momento Cache and Topics

Illustration of a cloud with VPC written on it

VPC Not Required

Flexibility to have Momento Cache and Momento Topics in a VPC or not at all.
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Defend your Databases

No more overwhelming your cache or database with connections. Momento's services are designed to absorb connection bursts.
icon representing reduced costs

Reduce Costs

Capacity on-demand, pay only for what you use, and scale to zero.
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Seamless Integration

Ultra-low effort to get started and no management once deployed to production.

Compatible serverless tools that work with Momento

AWS Lambda Logo
AWS Lambda
With Momento services, you avoid AWS Lambda’s connections overwhelming Elasticache or your databases. Momento absorbs connection bursts, safeguarding your databases, and continuing to serve your customers. Our services are quick to set up, with nothing to manage, and serverless, just like Lambda.
AWS Step Functions Logo
AWS Step Functions
Looking for a fast, secure, and serverless way to hold state between step functions? Momento has you covered with or without running in a VPC.
Official Amazon DynamoDB Icon
Amazon DynamoDB
Lower your DynamoDB costs with a fast, serverless data store to compliment it. Momento Cache is used by many customers to do just that. Learn more on how Momento can improve DynamoDB.