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February 15, 2023 - 1 Min Read

What Is Serverless Podcast

Allen Helton and Khawaja Shams dive head first into the deep end to discuss the true meaning of serverless and why some of the new releases we see today are pushing the wrong message.



In this episode of the Ready, Set, Cloud podcast, host Allen Helton talks with Momento cofounder and CEO Khawaja Shams about the definition of serverless, how to optimize end user experience, the story behind Momento, and more!

Serverless eradicates the barrier for entry and facilitates experimentation. That’s the key and this is what the original vision for cloud computing was and serverless just took it twenty steps further… The barriers to entry at a small scale are simplicity and cost. Serverless services are very simple, you can put them together without making a lot of decisions or configurations and without spending sprees. They scale down to zero so you’re not paying an arm and a leg. They typically have usage-based pricing so you’re not paying to have idle capacity… You’re eradicating the barriers to entry so that people can experiment faster.

Khawaja Shams
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