September 12, 2023 - 4 Min Read

ICYMI – Momento’s hot squirrel summer

Momento had a busy summer! Here’s a recap of all our updates.

Allen Helton
Product Update


If there’s one thing I know about startups, it’s that they like to go fast. It can be hard to keep up with so many releases, feature updates, and events, it really gives meaning to the phrase “don’t blink our you might miss it”

As summer begins winding down, let’s recap the amazing things Momento has done the past few months.

Introducing the Momento Vector Index

At the recent MoCon 2023, we unveiled the Momento Vector Index. We’re on the brink of launching it in a closed beta phase, and we invite those interested to join our waitlist.

For those new to vector databases, there’s no need to fret. We’ve crafted some helpful educational content and how-tos to assist developers in understanding the intricacies:

Enhanced access control for Momento authentication

Security remains our top priority. Thus, we’ve made significant enhancements to the access control of your Momento account. Now, you can craft short-lived tokens specific to individual caches or topics. Even better, you can control permissions for reading, writing, or both on specific cache items. The beauty of these tokens lies in their ephemeral nature; they become obsolete in minutes or hours significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access or abuse. This heightened security measure is particularly essential in the interconnected world of IoT, where devices constantly exchange data, and in browsers, where such authentication can prevent potential misuse and vulnerabilities. 

Whether you’re using our SDK or accessing the Momento Console, the process is seamless. Dive deeper into this update with a discussion between Daniela Miao and Allen Helton. We also shared a blog post explaining the difference between API keys and tokens.

Full support for HTTP API

It’s here: direct support for our HTTP API. Execute tasks like setting, retrieving, and deleting cache values or even publishing to a topic, all with an HTTP call and without the need for SDKs. For those keen on details:

Momento released a SOC2 Type II report 

We prioritize the security and privacy of our customers’ data. Maintaining robust security controls and adhering to industry-leading standards are crucial. Our SOC 2 Type II report is released annually. If you would like to receive a copy of our latest reports, or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reach us directly through our contact form or by emailing

The evolution of Momento Topics

Momento Topics, our serverless event bus, has been supercharged. Not only does it function as managed WebSockets, but it also ensures you’re free from the hassles of cloud or connection management. This lets you focus on publishing and subscribing. One of the biggest advantages of “Topics” is its cost-effectiveness at scale, especially when compared to alternatives like AppSync.

To provide some context and deep dives into this service, we’ve released some insightful content:

Momento is fully integrated with Netlify and Vercel

We’ve made it easy for front-end developers to integrate Momento into their browser-based apps without the hassle of servers or databases. Checkout these helpful articles on how you can get started. 

Go and Python are now available in our stack of Redis compatibility clients

When we first launched our Redis compatibility clients, so you can upgrade from Redis to Momento without refactoring your code, we started with Node.js.NET,and C#. We have added Go and Python for users who want to easily switch from Redis to Momento. Our instantaneous setup allows for you to focus on the application rather than spending time on infrastructure. To learn more about switching from Redis to Momento, the helpful articles below can help get you started.

We’re continually refining and innovating to serve you better. Your feedback and suggestions propel us forward, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. Until our next update, happy developing!