December 21, 2023 - 6 Min Read

ICYMI – Leafing through Momento’s fall updates

Catch up on all the amazing updates from Momento over the last few months.

Allen Helton
Product Update


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. Last time you heard from me I was talking about embedded token identifiers back in October. So where have I been?!

Well I, along with the entire Momento team, have been working tirelessly to come up with and release next-gen features, cool examples, and new SDKs on top of an already awesome set of capabilities. Where do I start?


It’s never been easier to use Momento with your existing applications. We’ve been working hard to meet developers where they are, and our new list of integrations and drop-in replacements keeps growing and growing.

  • Drupal – We’ve added a blazing fast caching integration for your Drupal sites! Install the module and enjoy the performance boost! Read more.
  • Unity – Game developers can now directly integrate with Momento Topics and Cache in their Unity projects! In-game chat has never been simpler. See how easy it is to build!
  • Langchain – Seems like everyone is building AI-powered apps these days. If you’re building with Langchain, we have you covered in both JavaScript and Python with support for our Vector Index, result caching, and session storage. BONUS – we also have a Langchan template to build your RAG pipelines with Momento as fast as possible!
  • Sequelize – Need a read-aside cache for the most popular ORM tool in Node.js but don’t want to build it yourself? Look no further! We built it for you and it’s ready to use.
  • DynamoDB Lock Client –  Locking resources is important, but man is it expensive! Not anymore – check out our drop-in replacement that gets you going in seconds. 

Service Updates

Announcing Momento Leaderboards!

We know that low-latency services are your jam. That’s why you love Momento so much. We’ve had sorted sets available as data types in our cache for a while, but we thought we could do better.

In October, we released a purpose-built service to rapidly build high-scale gaming leaderboards. The service is available in our Node.js and Web SDKs and provides next-gen speed for massive scale leaderboards! Whether you’re playing a 10-person minigame or running the world’s largest score tracker, Momento Leaderboards has you covered.

Introducing webhook subscriptions for Momento Topics

If you happened to catch one of my presentations the back half of 2023, you most certainly heard me talk about Momento Topics. This is a completely serverless event messaging service you can use to publish messages across full stack applications. It connects web services to other web services, browser sessions to web services, heck, even browser sessions to other browser sessions.

But there was a problem with it for some of my 100% serverless builders – you couldn’t subscribe a Lambda function to a topic. It was limited to stateful connections only, meaning browsers, mobile apps, and containers (or servers). Not anymore!

In December we released support for webhooks, a new way to react to published messages to a topic! You can configure a topic to publish messages to an endpoint of your choosing and Momento will send a POST request on every message. This opens the door to integrations with any type of compute: Lambda, Step Functions, anything that can be accessed via the internet.

New SDK – Swift (for iOS developers)

You all have been wishing you could integrate Momento Topics and Cache in your iOS apps and we listened! Our Swift SDK is now available in preview, bringing instant messaging and access to your backend caches directly to mobile clients.

User identifiers directly in auth tokens

You know what’s cool? Security. That’s why at Momento we pour effort into making our services safe and security minded. Now, when issuing a temporary auth token, you can provide an identifier that will be stamped on all interactions in the system. This is a great way to identify and shut down malicious actors in your system.

Other cool stuff

  • Observe It – Earlier this year, we started a podcast called Cache it. This fall, we’ve started another one called Observe It, which focuses on observability in modern architectures. Tune in on YouTube and Spotify!
  • Believe In Serverless Party – If you attended re:Invent, chances are you made it to the Momento #BelieveInServerless party. This was an incredible event that gathered the entire serverless community together in celebration of each other. I wrote about it on Ready, Set, Cloud, and will be remembering how epic it was for a looooooong time.
  • ElastiCache Serverless – When this was announced at re:Invent, there was a bit of an awkward silence here at Momento. Serverless caching is our bread and butter, and ElastiCache entering the game could have been…rough. But the incredible community support and digging in a little bit shows us that Momento is here to stay. Yes, ElastiCache Serverless serves a particular market. So does S3 Express One Zone. But Momento also fits the bill for a plethora of use cases. Not to mention we’re no longer just a cache – but also a provider of super fast and extensible event messaging, a serverless vector index, and optimized leaderboards.

Looking ahead

I can’t believe everything we just covered was from the past 3 months. What a crazy end of the year! As we enter 2024, I can only imagine this rate of innovation will continue to bring delight to our customers, new and existing. I’m excited to see what’s in store for not only Momento but for the serverless community as a whole. 

It’s an exciting time with generative AI taking the world by storm. We’re seeing advancements in tech across the board that weren’t imaginable a year ago – and now they are common practice. So here’s to 2023 and a rock solid new year!

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