September 1, 2022 - 2 Min Read

Simple. The way cloud pricing should be.

You don’t need to be lost in a pricing maze.

Eric Heikkila


Pricing is less exciting to talk about than cutting edge technology advancements, but at Momento, we believe it’s a crucial part of the journey. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) matters! Complex pricing models can make it difficult to project costs. We carefully crafted our pricing model with our primary design tenant being simplicity.

How is Momento priced?

The Momento pricing model is simple and straightforward. A single pricing dimension of $0.50/GB inbound and outbound. Simply the amount of data that moves in and out of Momento Cache. And there’s no separate storage charge to worry about.

We have a free tier to make it fast for developers to try Momento. Customers get their first 5GB of inbound and outbound for free every month without a credit card. This means developers can get started even faster.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at our Pricing page!

Staying true to simplicity

We do not have hidden charges. We believe in a simple, single-dimension pricing model that’s easy to reason with as your app grows. We want Momento customers to be able to quickly understand our pricing, estimate the cost, and confidently jump into development to ship their applications with speed.

In an increasingly complex world, many cloud services and SaaS offerings have evolved into a maze of options and labyrinthine pricing dimensions that can paralyze customers. This complexity adds friction for customers before they get started on their next big idea—or it results in unforeseen costs. Momento Cache has only one dimension so our customers reach their end goal without distractions or billing surprises.

A cloud scale cache that is truly elastic—able to scale up and down in real time—is vital to optimizing TCO for your cloud database estate. We are excited to bring Momento Cache to market to be a database TCO optimizer with a straightforward pricing model.

To get started, try the our free tier today.