May 18, 2023 - 3 Min Read

Now available: Momento Bulk Writer

Populate your Momento Cache from a bulk data source with this open source tool.

Michael Landis
Product Update


We’re excited to share Momento Bulk Writer for Momento Cache. This toolset addresses the critical need for efficiency when writing large volumes of data to your cache. Whether migrating from another store such as Redis, or periodically ingesting bulk changes from another part of your regular data workflow, this open source software can help. Read more about it in our docs.

At a glance

This toolset is not just a simple data loader; it’s a full-fledged pipeline that facilitates extraction, validation, and seamless loading of data into Momento Cache. It adds efficiency and accuracy to your data workflows, allowing you to extract data from your source, validate it, and load it into Momento Cache in short order. As a result, not only can you load your data quickly but you can be confident the cached data correctly represents the source.

Use cases abound

This toolset had its beginnings in a customer need: Momento customers are migrating from serverful Redis implementations to the truly serverless experience of Momento Cache. Migrating live load without negatively impacting hit rates requires a mechanism to prewarm the new cache—we use Momento Bulk Writer when helping customers to make a smooth transition. We hope that you, too, will find it to be an enabler in reducing your operational burden.

Momento Bulk Writer also shines in situations where periodic bulk imports are necessary, such as importing machine learning (ML) features. ML models for recommenders, search, and real time systems demand low-latency and high-throughput access to a fresh view of the data. If you’re doing daily, hourly, or more frequent imports, this tool has you covered—even when combining from numerous data sources at scale.

Similarly, consider an analytics workflow that generates significant amounts of data. This data, which often needs to support high-throughput reads, can be efficiently loaded into Momento using the Bulk Writer. This ensures that your analytics results are readily available for downstream applications or dashboards, thereby enabling real-time decision-making based on the most recent insights.

Just getting started

Above are a few potential use cases, but we think Momento customers might surprise us with many more. We’d love to hear about how you’re using Momento Bulk Writer, any improvements/extensions you’d like to see, or any tripping points you encounter while setting it up.

Interact with the Momento team via the GitHub repo, on Twitter, in our Discord channels, or just email at