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Momento's serverless solutions can help you accelerate your time to market, applications, developers, and more.


Icon illustrating Momento Accelerating Time to Market

Accelerate Time to Market

Ship faster by removing the need for developers to waste time setting up and managing caches.
Icon illustrating Momento Optimizing Cloud infrastructure

Optimize Cloud Infrastructure

Optimize your cache, database, and object storage cloud resources with Momento Cache and immediately reduce costs.
Icon illustrating Momento reducing risk on app development

Reduce Risk

Eliminate the complex, intricate, and error-prone tasks of managing a cache cluster by shifting to Momento Cache, reducing the business risk from outages.
Icon illustrating Momento Enhancing your customer's experience

Enhance Your Customers Experience

Accelerate your databases for faster apps and better end-user experiences.
Icon illustrating Momento Accelerating Innovation

Accelerate Innovation

Free your developers from cache management tasks with Momento Cache, and enable them to focus on more valuable work, such as delivering new, innovative projects.
Icon illustrating Momento Multicloud


Gain the flexibility to accelerate the best parts of your existing cloud while maintaining an escape hatch.

Momento Use Cases

Cache DynamoDB and NoSQL DBs

Amazon DynamoDB is built for massive scale and low latency in a serverless model making Momento its ideal cache because it is also architected for massive scale and speed in a serverless model.

Momento is also a powerful accelerator for other popular NoSQL databases including Mongo, Cassandra, and Google Cloud Bigtable.

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Cache Relational DBs

Momento helps protect traditional relational databases from dynamic load during peak traffic times.

Whether you run legacy commercial databases self managed on IaaS, cloud native managed services like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, or Google CloudSQL, or even NewSQL services like CockroachDB, TiDB, PlanetScale, CitusDB, or Yugabyte, Momento can help them run faster and with less failures.

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Cache Serverless Apps

If you have serverless apps built with AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, or Google Cloud Run Momento Cache is a perfect match to easily and quickly reduce latencies and improve performance of the applications.

Cache was the only missing piece preventing fully serverless application stacks, but now with Momento Cache developers can finally go fully serverless.

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Fast Object Store

Cloud object storage services like Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage are powerful and highly efficient services, but they were not built to be optimized for workloads comprised of a high volume of small files constantly written to and read from the object store.

For these fast object store workloads the put/get costs from the object storage services can become astronomical. Momento Cache is optimized for such fast object store use cases to greatly optimize both performance and cost of these workloads.

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Serverless Datastore

Caches are sometimes used as low latency datastores in use cases such as session stores for web or mobile apps, device state in IoT apps, leaderboards in gaming apps, inventory management for e-commerce sites, real-time fraud detection for fintech platforms, and to capture real-time crypto trades.

Momento Cache provides a fast, scalable, and stable cache service for these use cases with the added benefit of also being serverless.

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Solutions by Category

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Dataset Caching

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Momento Cache provides rapid and low cost access to training data by storing in-memory.

Feature Store

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Serve data for online inference at scale and low latency with Momento Cache.

Data Serving

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Unlock your data for real-time decision making with Momento Cache.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Digital Twin

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Store the digital representation of the physical environment from multiple data sources in-memory with Momento Cache.

Pulling Device State

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Get a device's last known state from apps and other services, whether the device is connected or not, by storing state in Momento Cache.

Faster Data Ingest Analytics

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Enable faster retrieval of device data for real-time analytics and lower cost by storing in-memory with Momento Cache.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Cache Transactional Database

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Digital applications create larger loads on your databases, keep them fast and reliable with Momento Cache.

Session Store

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Store user interaction data from your app or website in Momento Cache, such as: sign-in credentials, personalization data, customer identity, or recent actions.

Streaming & Messaging

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Use Momento Cache as a low latency message queue or fast pub/sub.

Database Modernizations

Database Modernizations

Accelerate Lift & Shift DBs Entering the Cloud

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When you have to get to the cloud fast and do a simple lift and shift of your on-prem databases to self-managed IaaS, you can still add Momento Cache as an easy button to speed up your lift/shift DBs.

Accelerate Commercial to Open Source SQL Modernizations

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Refactoring legacy commercial databases, such as Oracle or SQL Server, to open-source databases, including PostgreSQL or MySQL, is a perfect time to add Momento Cache. Make PostgreSQL or MySQL even faster.

Accelerate SQL to NoSQL or NewSQL Modernizations

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Modernizing from legacy relational databases to more powerful NoSQL or NewSQL databases is boosted by caching NoSQL or NewSQL with Momento Cache.

Empowers Teams

Software Developers

  • Stop wasting precious time configuring, testing and scaling cache clusters.
  • Focus on more important work like building and shipping your applications.
  • Deliver more performant and responsive applications.

Cloud Architects

  • Make your databases indestructible with Momento.
  • Deliver fully serverless application architectures.
  • Optimize your cache, database, and object storage resources.

Cloud Center of Excellence

  • Optimize your cache, database, and object storage resources to meet cost containment goals.
  • Accelerate and modernize your databases with Momento to deliver on your transformation goals.
  • Achieve your metrics for application performance improvement with the world's fastest cache.
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