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Enable real-time communication between different parts of a distributed system.

A serverless event messaging service you can take to prod today

Topics is a serverless pub/sub service that allows for real-time communication between parts of a distributed application. Instead of spending cycles defining topic resources and dealing with the pain of a tightly-coupled system, push to an unlimited number of channels on the fly without any topic management.
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Simple Pricing

No complicated pricing schemes here. Free for the first 50GB transferred to/from Momento per month, then just $0.50 per GB.
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Zero Management

Publish to a channel with millions of subscribers without wasting time on sharding nodes and other configurations.
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High Scale and High Speed

Seamlessly scale to millions of messages per second while maintaining single-digit milliseconds for tail latencies.

Momento Topics Use Cases

Feature Flag Management

Toggle features on/off instantly across your fleet without redeploying.

Kick Off Asynchronous Workflows

Choreograph complex workflows in the background as events occur.

Upcoming Enhancements

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Momento executors: Attach a Lambda function in your AWS account to a topic. Momento will automatically execute these functions for you.
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Momento triggers: React to changes on specific item(s) in your cache. You'll be able to set up rules that only notify you when a specific condition is met, like a counter hitting 1000 or key expiring.
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