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January 31, 2023 - 1 Min Read

Software Daily Podcast

Alex DeBrie and Khawaja Shams dive deep into serverless, caching, and the hardest problems in distributed systems.



In this episode of the Software Daily podcast, host Alex DeBrie talks with Momento Co-Founder and CEO Khawaja Shams about the true meaning of serverless and how Momento upholds that definition. Tune in for discussion on the following and much more:

  • Pain of current caching solutions like Redis and Memcached
  • How Momento Cache relieves that pain
  • Benefits and challenges of multi-tenant systems
  • Importance of operational rigor and metrics

Serverless means that you can access it via API call, so for us, it’s literally as simple as createCache() and you pass in one parameter which is the name of the cache. That’s it.

Khawaja Shams

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