June 21, 2023 - 3 Min Read

Momento is now fully integrated into the LangChain Ecosystem

We’re doing our part to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness for LLM-powered applications.

Michael Landis


The potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) is reshaping the landscape of artificial intelligence, driving innovation in a plethora of applications. LangChain, a popular library built to exploit these powerful language models, simplifies the creation of advanced applications. Today, we are excited to announce that Momento is now fully integrated into the LangChain ecosystem.

At a glance: the power of Momento and LangChain Integration

The integration of Momento into LangChain’s Python and JavaScript implementations closes the gap between a “check this out!” Jupyter notebook and production application. With this integration, we enable developers to cache the results of their LLMs, subsequently retrieving them when needed. It not only enhances efficiency but also saves on operational costs and time, making application development smoother and faster. Whether answering questions, summarizing, or rolling out a personalized chat service, this integration has you covered.

Use cases: enhancing applications with Momento and LangChain

  1. Caching LLM Calls: The new integration provides the ability to cache LLM invocations, leading to significant operational savings. The caching function, up to 1000x faster than calling the LLM, speeds up the response time and reduces the number of calls to an LLM service, saving money. Moreover, developers can utilize the caching function during the debugging process, reducing the need to call the LLMs again, thereby streamlining the troubleshooting process.
  2. Session Store for Chat Message History: As language models are stateless, storing chat history is often a hurdle. With Momento’s caching ability, it serves as a perfect session store, especially for chat applications, ensuring continuity of conversation by persisting chat history between sessions. This results in an improved user experience when revisiting a past chat and seamless, serverless session management.

The future is here with Momento and LangChain

LLMs mark a revolutionary blend of language understanding and intelligence. The integration of Momento into LangChain smooths the path from proof of concept to a production application. By bridging the gaps in efficiency and performance, Momento and LangChain are leading the charge in this revolutionary era of artificial intelligence and language models.

We invite developers and AI enthusiasts to explore this transformative integration and are excited to see the future applications and services this will enable. For more information about LangChain and the Momento integration, see the LangChain Python docs here or JavaScript docs here and here.

Ask questions and share what you’re building over on our  Discord! We can’t wait to hear about your journey with LangChain and Momento.