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June 1, 2022 - 1 Min Read

Real World Serverless Podcast: Khawaja Shams

The only piece missing from going fully serverless was cache—until now.



Real World Serverless Podcast #62:
Solve the challenges with serverless caching with Khawaja Shams

theburningmonk’s Real World Serverless Podcast is dedicated to serverless technology discussions with experienced engineers. The featured guest in this episode is Momento cofounder Khawaja Shams, whose long experience in distributed systems—including running the Amazon DynamoDB team—opened his eyes to the need for a truly serverless caching solution, which led him to create Momento.

The 30-minute podcast is full of great anecdotes on building scalable serverless services, problems with serverless and caching, and how Momento Cache removes the hassle of managing a cache.

They’ve got S3 for storage, they’ve got DynamoDB for their persistence of key-value, lookups, and so forth. And then it’s time to help accelerate and the entire serverless dream falls apart—because you cannot do caching today without introducing servers into the mix.

Khawaja Shams