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March 23, 2023 - 1 Min Read

Real World Serverless Podcast: Kirk Kirkconnell

Listen in for interesting discussion about single-table design and why scale-to-zero is so important to the serverless vision.



Real World Serverless Podcast #74:
The Litmus test for serverless with Kirk Kirkconnell

theburningmonk’s Real World Serverless Podcast is dedicated to serverless technology discussions with experienced engineers. The featured guest in this episode is Kirk Kirkconnell, Lead Developer Advocate at Momento, who has vast experience with database technologies and serverless. He’s been involved with databases his whole career, including recently with the DynamoDB and Momento teams.

The 30-minute podcast is full of great information on single-table design with DynamoDB, including when to use it and some common drawbacks to consider. They also cover the strengths and weaknesses of DAX and how it compares to a serverless solution like Momento Cache. The biggest discussion centers around the rise of faux serverlessservices and the important (but often overlooked) role of scale to zero.

At Momento, we are fully serverless. If you’re not putting any traffic, you’re not paying anything. It is a scale-to-zero serverless… It’s super simple—the way serverless should be.

Kirk Kirkconnell