September 19, 2023 - 2 Min Read

Cache-it – Episode #5 – Simplifying event-driven architectures with Eric Johnson

Serverlessespresso, serverless architectures, and more.

Khawaja Shams



In episode 5 of the Cache-it podcast, Khawaja invites Eric Johnson, AWS Principal Developer Advocate, to discuss the Serverlesspresso project, serverless architectures, and improving the developer experience. 

Serverlesspresso is a tangible explanation of an event-driven architecture on a serverless platform. Eric explains the project was originally created for AWS re:Invent 2021 and weaves a story how it gained popularity and grew into a worldwide sensation.

Eric also discusses the concept of Serverlesspresso extensions, which allow developers to tap into the event stream and build custom functionality on top of the project. These extensions leverage AWS services like EventBridge to listen for events and trigger additional actions. 

The conversation then dives into the benefits of reducing code complexity in serverless applications, emphasizing the importance of using the right tool for the job. Eric shares his journey from being a pastor to becoming a developer and how he learned on the job, highlighting the importance of continuous learning in the tech industry. 

The episode wraps up with a discussion about the agility of smaller, cross-functional teams in serverless departments, aligning with Amazon’s two-pizza team philosophy. Eric emphasizes that serverless architectures enable developers to focus on building reliable systems with fewer lines of code, promoting simplicity and efficiency.

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About Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is an AWS Principal Developer Advocate helping developers approach building and running event driven applications at massive scale on serverless.