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August 2, 2023 - 2 Min Read

Cache-it – Episode #3 – Vector databases, single-table design, and beyond with Alex DeBrie

Litigating the merits of single-table design and examining the current state of vector databases.

Khawaja Shams



In episode 3 of the Cache-it podcast, host Khawaja Shams brings on Alex DeBrie, author if The DynamoDB Book and AWS Data Hero, to discuss the parallels of vector databases and DynamoDB. They talk about the early days of DynamoDB and how it changed their perspective on databases after experiencing the challenges of production systems. They also draw parallels between the history of databases, the current state of vector databases, and what the future holds for this space.  Spoiler alert: It’s purpose built vector databases and serverless.

Khawaja concludes the session with a confession, and they discuss the merits of single-table design—and whether Alex is ready to disown Khawaja after a revelation about Momento’s architecture.  We won’t give away the details, but we promise it is juicy! 

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About Alex DeBrie

Alex DeBrie is an AWS Data Hero who wrote The DynamoDB Book, a comprehensive guide to data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB. He has given talks at various events and meetups and is passionate about spreading is love for serverless architectures.