March 9, 2022 - 1 Min Read

Engineering Founders Podcast

How do founders know when it’s time to pivot? And how do you make sure your team is on board with the new direction?



Momento cofounders, Daniela Miao and Khawaja Shams, join the Engineering Founders podcast and open up about their experience pivoting from a consumer app to a B2B BaaS offering.

The discussion is full of leadership lessons from both cofounders on the journey that took them from social fitness tech to serverless missing link. The 40-minute conversation includes insights like starting with a team and not a product, how they decided on a new direction, establishing open communication, and getting feedback from the market.

It took us some time, but we eventually internalized that we’re not the domain experts in this. And in some cases, we learned that the investors knew more about the space than we did.

Khawaja Shams