Build on Momento Vector Index

Get real-time storage and retrieve vector data for use in AI-powered applications.

Effortless Vector Indexing with Momento

Vector indexing can be a handful with the algorithm complexities and infrastructure setup. That's where Momento Vector Index steps in. We've stripped away the hassle to give you a serverless setup and an intuitive API that just works. Momento Vector Index offers a straightforward approach, prioritizing developer efficiency and transparent pricing without sacrificing performance.
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Why Momento Vector Index

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Pay for

Only pay for what you use with transparent, serverless pricing. Scale effortlessly without the worry of hidden fees or overpricing.
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Zero Database Hassles

Jump-start your vector indexing tasks with our intuitive, serverless setup. Avoid the complexities of traditional database management.
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Go to market faster with our streamlined API and deep integrations with AI ecosystems. Reduce development cycles and focus on core objectives.
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Leave the complexities of the indexing lifecycle to us. Experience high-speed, accurate results out of the box.

Momento Vector Index Use Cases

AI Chatbot

Think of having an AI trained on a specific set of data, a product's documentation website, for example. Combine that with other training data on writing applications in various languages, and now you can ask questions of that set of documentation have the AI write code for your users. No more searching through the documentation, just ask natural questions of the chatbot, and it generates a response that is on topic and/or similar to what you asked about


Search is fundamental in various applications, including recommendation engines, image recognition, and Natural Language Processing(NLP). The ability to efficiently find related items in vast datasets makes similarity search a powerful tool in modern data analysis and machine learning. This can be used in product catalogs, video/music streaming sites, e-commerce sites, etm.

Recommendation Engine

Knowing a customer’s past purchases, and what other customers searched for, clicked on, and rated well, an AI-enhanced recommendation could deliver information, websites, images, and videos more pertinent to customer needs than a simple search.