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Momento makes it easy for you to add chat to your apps at any scale.


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It's fast. Messages are published within milliseconds at any scale! Did we mention it is also the fastest way to get to production?
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Momento is serverless. It scales down to free when you are not using much and scales up to handle millions of concurrent users. You only pay for what you need–and you can kiss your pager goodbye during load spikes since Momento just absorbs the load.
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Momento will save you time, money, and complexity. The pay-per-use model allows you to build a production grade chat app for a few dollars–and that's if you don't fit in our generous free tier.

Why build a chat app with Momento?

Whether you are building an AI-powered chatbot, adding chat for your users, or even both, Momento is the fastest way to add a chat! Forget tuning Redis, adding API Gateways with complex WebSocket configurations, and all the complexity you previously had to deal with to build a production-ready chat. Momento Cache stores the chats and Topics notifies users of new messages. It's really that simple!

Customer Success Stories

ZigZaGame Architecture with Momento Cache
Learn how ZigZaGame powers their in-game chat with Momento
  • Momento unblocked their migration to AWS Lambda by enabling them to scale to thousands of concurrent connections, which Amazon ElastiCache Redis couldn't handle.
  • Integrated Momento Cache in three weeks, making their stack fully serverless for improved elasticity (API Gateway + AWS Lambda + Momento Cache + Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Momento Cache reduced the total cost of ownership of their in-game chat service by more than 30%.
CYDAS PEOPLE Architecture with Momento
CYDAS PEOPLE Copilot Chat: Learn how CYDAS built an AI powered chatbot on Momento
  • Added Momento Cache into their dev build in only one hour. Then it was just one more hour to go to prod with the Momento LangChain integration.
  • Clear documentation and instant availability made onboarding seamless.
  • CYDAS PEOPLE chose Momento Cache over Redis or Azure because they didn't want to deal with the pain and cost of instance management.

Build a Momento Chat Application

An example architecture showing momento cache caching dynamodb

Learn how you can build a chat app in minutes with our demo

Batteries (a.k.a source code) included!

Acorn Hunt Video Thumbnail

Build an In-Game Chat

Ecosystem Engineer Allen Helton demonstrates how he used Momento Cache collection data types to build an in-game chat for a game called Acorn Hunt. He walks through the different caches behind the game and the collection data types used in each, shows off the working chat application, and then pulls back the curtain on the API making it work.