August 3, 2023 at T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA
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August 3, 2023 at T-Mobile Park, Seattle, WA

MoCon 2023 Speaker Lineup

Alex Debrie Headshot
Alex DeBrie
AWS Data Hero and author
of The DynamoDB Book

Alex DeBrie is an AWS Data Hero who wrote The DynamoDB Book, a comprehensive guide to data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB. He has given talks at various events and meetups and is passionate about spreading is love for serverless architectures.

Yao Yue Headshot
Yao Yue
Distributed Caching Expert and Creator of Pelikan Cache

Yao Yue is the creator and a maintainer of Pelikan, a unified cache framework for building servers, proxies, and clients used in distributed caches. This project was the culmination of her knowledge about caching, which she obtained when working on and later leading the Cache team at Twitter for the better part of 2010s. Besides Pelikan, Yao has coauthored several academic papers on caching published in OSDI, NSDI, and FAST, as well as many talks. In recent years, she has ventured into the world of (distributed) systems performance and optimization. She co-founded IOP Systems, a company aimed to improve software efficiency and reduce cost, with her teammates from Twitter.

Max Liu Headshot
Max Liu
CEO of PingCap

Max Liu is the CEO of PingCap, a company that specializes in open source distributed databases and cloud-native technologies. With a strong commitment to technical excellence an open source collaborate, PingCap has become a key player in the tech industry. PingCap's flagship project is TiDB, an open source, serverless database that is compatible with MYSQL.

Eric Johnson Headshot
Eric Johnson
AWS Principal Developer Advocate

Eric Johnson is an AWS Principal Developer Advocate helping developers approach building and running event driven applications at massive scale on serverless.

Farrah Campbell Headshot
Farrah Campbell
Head of Modern Compute Community at AWS

After 10 years in healthcare management, a ride with Kara Swisher inspired Farrah to leap into tech. She has worked at many startups, eventually working her way to being the Head of Modern Compute Community at AWS. Farrah's passions are technology and connecting with and to people. She personifies the openness and welcoming attitude of the community as both a community member and a leader. Her superpower is being vulnerable and she works hard to champion others and to bridge gaps wherever she can find them.

Manju Rajashekhar Headshot
Manju Rajashkhar
Vice President of Engineering at Etsy

Manju leads two groups: Machine Learning Enablement and Personalization Engine. Manju is a customer-focused and product-centric leader and, over his seven-year tenure at Etsy, has led multiple groups from Search & Machine Learning, Ads, Recommendation, Knowledge Base, and Core Buyer Experiences. Prior to Etsy, Manju was the Co-founder and CTO of Blackbird AI, a search and deep learning company, which Etsy acquired. In addition, Manju was part of Twitter’s early engineering and led the building and scaling of caching systems as Twitter grew from 50M to 200M active users. At Twitter, much of the caching software he built to address Twitter scale was open sourced. Two popular open-source systems — twemproxy and twemcache — are still actively used in the industry to build scalable distributed caching. Manju has a graduate degree in computer science from Stanford with a specialization in systems and algorithms.

Prajakta Damle Headshot
Prajakta Damle
Director of Product Management at Google

Prajakta is passionate about building delightful products and sustainable businesses, especially the 0 to 1 product journey. In her current role she leads the product team for Data Governance on Google Cloud Platform. Prior to Google, Prajakta led product and engineering teams across a portfolio of services in the data and analytics space at AWS, including launching industry's first serverless Spark service, AWS Glue.

Flavio Ribeiro Headshot
Flavio Ribeiro
Engineering Manager, Media Systems at Netflix
Khawaja Shams Headshot
Khawaja Shams
CEO and Co-Founder of Momento

Khawaja is passionate about investing in people, setting a bold vision, and team execution. Khawaja has experience at AWS where he owned DynamoDB, and subsequently owned product and engineering for all 7 of AWS Media services. He was awarded the prestigious NASA Early Career Medal for his contributions to the Mars Rovers.

Daniela Miao Headshot
Daniela Miao
CTO and Co-Founder of Momento

Daniela previously led Platform Engineering at Lightstep, where she launched their new Metrics Product. She was also tech lead at AWS DynamoDB, and released cross-region replication. At Momento, she works on distributed system performance, observability, security, and the intersection of engineering with business.

Jeffrey Ling Headshot
Jeffrey Ling
CTO and Co-Founder of Goldsky

Jeffrey Ling is passionate about building teams and technologies to power the next generation of software development. Prior to Goldsky, he was the VP of Engineering at TrueAccord, the CTO at Uppercase, and one of the earliest engineers at Heap.

Zohaib Sibte Hassan Headshot
Zohaib Sibte Hassan
Engineering Manager at DoorDash

Zohaib Sibte Hassan has over a decade of experience building and launching cutting-edge software across the likes of Microsoft, Flutter, and more. He's also an energetic angel investor who's keen to be a part of pushing the envelope on what people think is possible.

Tom Delorenzi Headshot
Tom Delorenzi
CTO at ZigZaGame

Tom Delorenzi is in charge of all mobile development for ZigZaGame's platform, including frontend and backend engineering. Tom has worked in the Gaming industry since 2010 and the earliest days of mobile game development for iPhones and iPads and flash entertainment titles.

Shingo Yoshida Headshot
Shingo Yoshida
CTO of CYDAS, AWS Serverless Hero

Shingo Yoshida is renowned as a driving force behind the serverless movement in Japan and has a long histroy in tech- utilizing his vast expertise in performance tuning, enterprise architecture, and big data to power digital transformation for companies the world over.

Cornelle Janse van Rensburg Headshot
Cornelle Janse van Rensburg
Software Engineer at Saturn

Cornelle Janse van Rensburg has a career spanning over 16 years, starting at Web Africa and advancing to multiple teams across AWS, including amazon EC2, AWS Support, and Amazon ECS. Now he's a lead engineer at Saturn. No matter where he goes, Cornelle is keen on the customer–relentlessly focused on creating awesome user experiences.

Janki Patel-Westenberg Headshot
Janki Patel-Westenberg
Head of Growth at Momento

Janki uses her passion for forging deep partnerships and cultivating effective teams to drive the comapny's expansion and success. Previously, she led product programming for 19 services across the AWS Analytics and Databases portfolio. She loves dogs, the Badgers (proud Wisconsin alumna), and all things cloud.

Momento was quick to swap in across multiple workflows. It’s outperforming ElastiCache by 15% at half the price and is 10x easier to scale!

Edwin Rivera

Principal Architect, CBS Interactive
Momento was fast and easy to deploy, boosted the performance of our workload, and increased our developer productivity by eliminating operational tasks.


CTO, Wyze Labs
It was a whirlwind from dev to prod, and Momento blew us away! Faster, scalable, and half the price of our old cache fleet—all integrated in just one week.

Cornelle Janse van Rensburg

Lead Engineer, Saturn
Before Momento, surges of sudden connections and Redis cold starts blocked our migration to a serverless architecture. Momento solved this—fast! It worked so well, we're adopting it for future caching projects.

Tom Delorenzi

CTO, ZigZaGame
Thanks to Momento, we finally have a cache built for the cloud. No more instance-based, self-hosted infrastructure. You get a dynamic cache with pay-per-use pricing, unparalleled performance, and no pre-provisioning of instances.

Alex DeBrie

DynamoDB Expert & AWS Data Hero
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