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Exceed your audience's expectations by developing personalized experiences and providing seamless, uninterrupted streaming with Momento's serverless services.

Customer Success Stories

Hokkaido TV Architecture Diagram
Hokkaido Television Broadcasting unlocks cost savings and performance improvements with Momento Cache
  • Implemented Momento cache into their existing fully serverless architecture within 3 weeks.
  • Provided uninterrupted video distribution services even during spiky loads.
  • Average API response times dropped from 2s to 500ms.

Use Cases

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Session Management

Help manage and track live user state for analytics and extreme personal user experiences with Momento Cache.
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Personalized Streaming

Inject personalized targeted content in real time to individual user streams. When you can't slow down or stop a stream to wait for content to load, a consistent and fast memory store is critical to meet your SLA's.
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Interactive & Social Engagement

Whether you're overlaying a user chat, displaying live reactions, or streaming real-time updates alongside the video, Momento Topics takes your video experience to the next level.
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Scoring Predictions & Analytics

Enable efficient data retrieval, similarity search, and real-time capabilities with Momento Vector Index. Gain more flexibility with diverse data types and integrate ML workloads for more accurate predictions and insights.

Why use Momento in your next streaming app?

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Elastic Scalability

Launch with automatic scalability and adaptability, eliminating the need for extensive system preparations. Concentrate solely on your event.
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Game Day Planning

We understand mission-critical events and are committed to your success. From pre-event testing to war room support, we'll by by your side.
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Efficient Burst Capacity

Momento automatically handles sudden surges in activity, leaving your with consistent, reliable performance during peak times.
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Momento was quick to swap in across multiple workflows. It’s outperforming ElastiCache by 15% at half the price and is 10x easier to scale!
Edwin Rivera
Principal Architect, CBS Interactive