Build your production ready AI app today with Momento & LangChain

Momento's services adapt to the changing demands of AI/ML applications and allow for cost-effective operations under all load conditions.

Improve your AI app development
with Momento Cache and Topics

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Low-Latency Data Access

Momento Cache offers rapid access to the most up-to-date data, driving efficiency and speed in ML model training and real-time inference.
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Seamless LangChain Integration

Momento effortlessly integrates into the LangChain Ecosystem, cutting down on development time and lowering the entry barrier to AI applications.
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Automatic Scalability

Momento's serverless design rules out the need for pre-provisioning resources or dealing with peak loads. It scales as your application does, delivering high performance at competitive costs, even under heavy loads.
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Real-Time Data Streaming

Momento Topics can handle real-time data streams, making it an essential tool for AI-powered systems that require real-time data streams.

Use Cases

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Feature Stores

Momento Cache manages and serves ML features in real-time, guaranteeing the freshest data with minimal latency. This optimizes the consistency of feature data, accelerates model training, and enhances real-time predictions.
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Streamlining Data Pipelines

Momento Cache adds value to AI data pipelines by caching intermediate or or batch computations, cutting down on redundancy and unnecessary processing. This feature shines in applications where there is a tradeoff between offlines, batch compute vs online, real-time compute.
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Real-Time AI Applications

Momento Topics offers pub-sub capabilities, crucial for real-time data mangement in AI applications. Whether it's recommendation systems, real-time analytics, or interactive chatbots, Momento Topics can facilitate real-time user interaction tracking for continual model updates.

Customer Success Stories

CYDAS PEOPLE Architecture with Momento
CYDAS PEOPLE Copilot Chat: Learn how CYDAS built an AI powered chatbot on Momento
  • Added Momento Cache into their dev build in only one hour. Then it was just one more hour to go to prod with the Momento LangChain integration.
  • Clear documentation and instant availability made onboarding seamless.
  • CYDAS PEOPLE chose Momento Cache over Redis or Azure because they didn't want to deal with the pain and cost of instance management.